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What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition many people experience in Singapore. It is caused when your hair follicles become clogged with oil and/or dead skin cells. This will lead to whiteheads, blackheads or pimples forming. Although acne most commonly affects teenagers, anyone can be suffering from acne breakouts at any age.

There is no real cause for concern if you have acne. However, severe cases of acne can cause extreme physical or emotional pain. If acne is not treated, it can cause acne scarring which may take a long time to heal and fade.

Acne is treatable at any stage with numerous effective treatments on the market today. The sooner you address your acne problem, the easier it is to treat and reduce your risk of acne scarring.

common causes of acne in Singapore?

There are four main factors that cause acne:

  • Production of excess sebum (oil)
  • Clogged hair follicles by sebum and dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

Other factors that could trigger or cause your acne to become worse include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain medications
  • Diet
  • Stress
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common symptoms of acne problem in Singapore?

Symptoms of acne depend on the severity of your condition. The most common symptom would be when you are experiencing or start to notice a breakout on your face, neck, back, shoulders and/or chest. You will start to notice your skin having a rough or uneven texture and appearance.

With acne breakouts, you might also experience the following:

  • Skin discolouration or pigmentation
  • Skin swelling and inflammation
  • Pain and tenderness to your skin when touched or untouched

You can identify signs of acne based on the following:

  • Whiteheads (closed clogged pores)
  • Blackheads (open clogged pores)
  • Papules (small red, tender bumps)
  • Pustules (pimples)
  • Nodules (large, solid, painful lumps under your skin)
  • Cystic lesions (painful, pus-filled lumps under your skin)
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How to treat acne?

For some, there is a chance for acne to go away naturally. However, if you find yourself experiencing acne or noticing it getting worse, you might need to seek professional help to treat your acne concerns safely.

At Regen Aesthetics, acne can be treated with the M22™ procedure. It is designed to treat any skin type, texture, and over 30 skin conditions of any age. It is a minimally-invasive laser skin resurfacing procedure that can effectively treat acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, redness and other skin conditions.

The M22™ procedure can be used in combination with other facials, if applicable. It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before undergoing any skin procedure in order to achieve your desired results without causing further irritation and damage to your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions
01. What’s the main cause of acne?
Acne can develop when an oily substance (known as sebum) and dead skin cells block the hair follicles on your skin. Bacteria can then trigger inflammation, followed by an infection and results in your acne becoming more severe.
02. Do certain foods cause acne?
Some studies have shown that certain foods have a higher chance to cause acne such as white bread and oily foods. Of course, this varies from person to person. Small studies have suggested that a low-glycemic diet could possibly reduce acne.
03. Why is my acne getting worse?
There are numerous reasons why your acne could be getting worse. It could be the result of stress, smoking, unhealthy eating habits or excessive consumption of alcohol. These are just some of the common reasons why you are experiencing an acne breakout.
04. At what age will acne get worse?
The prime age for acne across all genders are teenagers between the age of 14 to 19 years old. It varies between individuals, some may experience more severe acne while others may only get it once in a while.


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